Low temperature heating systems are the future


One thing for sure is that all of our clients who have had heat pumps installed say how comfortable and warm their home is, and what a difference it makes compared to their gas boiler or fire. 

The thing about heat pumps is that they are low temperature heating systems. But what does that mean?

In the UK we tend to react instantly to the temperature. As soon as it gets cold we immediately want to turn the heating on, and once we feel warm enough we turn it off again. However, this just becomes a “vicious cycle” of throwing out heat, which then dissipates.. You’ll tend to feel warm and cold spots while walking through your home. The truth is there are so many benefits to heat pumps and the fact that they are low temperature heating systems is one you may not be aware of.

Heat pumps are constantly working, and slowly releasing heat throughout your home at lower temperatures. This means that you won’t get any heat spikes or feel the heat banging out of the radiator. What you’ll get is a much more balanced heat which creates a comfortable and warm temperature throughout the home, with no extra costs. 

Yes, you heard us, because heat pumps heat your home more evenly and at a more constant pace, it’s actually cheaper and more eco-friendly than a regular central heating system!

and adjust to the outside temperature, so that your home is constantly at the correct heating levels during the year, no matter the weather. This means that you hardly ever have to touch the heating system.

Did you know that they also emit cleaner and safer air? When higher temperature heating is drawn up the radiator surface and through the inside, it can kick a huge amount of allergens into the air, which may contain dead skin, dust mite excrement, dead dust mites, moulds, and also animal hair/skin/mites if you have pets.

Higher temperature heating also tends to dry out the air which can create issues for those with eczema or breathing issues. Heat pumps actually produce a more radiant heat which settles in the air, being a much safer and cleaner alternative.

Do you hear your radiators creek and tick when you have the heating on? This is due to the expansion and contraction of long pipe runs and radiator clips. With high temperature systems, these long pipe runs will continually expand and contract which rubs against the floorboards. With low temperature heating systems, this will highly minimise all of the noise you would usually hear too.

As you can see, there are so many benefits to using heat pumps and how low temperature heating systems are better, for not only your comfort but also your health. Plus, with the UK’s net zero carbon target and the current cost of living crisis, we expect to see people making greener and more cost-effective choices, with heat pumps being the most popular alternative to heating, continuing to make a significant impact on homes and lives.

If you are in need of more information or want to know even more benefits now, then you can book a 15 minute call with us at a date and time that suits you!

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