Home Heating Game-Changer: My Innovative, Cost-Effective Energy


I moved into my current home in 2022. Being in the industry the heating system was one of the first aspects of the house I worked on. I designed my own heating system, a first of its kind in Scotland, using the Nibie S1155 Ground Source heat pump, attaching it to a battery and Solar PV system. The Solar PV has a heat exchanger on the back to absorb the excess heat from the panel.  The heat pump has sensors on the roof, ground and pipes so it knows the temperature in each area. What makes it unique is that the heat pump detects whether to take energy from the ground or the roof PV system depending on the amount of energy available in either, in order to run its self.

The combination of the ground source heat pump, battery and solar PV means that I can change the battery in off-peak hours, which significantly reduces my energy costs. For example, having topped up my battery in off peak hours the heat pump gives me 3 kw of energy to keep my house at a comfortable 21 degrees heat in the autumn. 450 kw electricity and because it runs off the battery most of the day charges at 9p a day kw per hour. As a result it costs me 4.5p per hour to have my heating on. If I had a  gas boiler that would cost me 30p per hour and if I had electric heaters it would be 90p per hour.

It’s a highly efficient system that is cheap to run. I’d go as far as to say it is one of the most efficient heating systems in the UK and potentially the cheapest.

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