Every installation is different, but here are a few examples you can compare

  Biggar Glenfarg Madderty Peterculter
Type of house Detached Detached Detached Terrace
Age of house 15 years New build 20 years 15 years
Number of bedrooms 3 4 5 5
Size 192m2 205m2 285m2 257m2
Heat pump choice Air source Nibe 8kW ASHP Air source Nibe 8kW ASHP Ground source Nibe 12kw GSHP Ground source Idm 15kW HGL
Install cost £10,800 £9,500 £18,650 £24,950
Est funding £10,000 £10,000 £10,000
Running cost £1,041 per annum £968 per annum £1,250 per annum £1,345 per annum
RHI income £11,332 £11,332 £21,444 £28,933
The great news is that the Scottish Government funded loan covers up to 100% of your installation costs. So up-front costs needn’t stop you from installing and enjoying the benefits of your ground source heat pump.
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